The Information Generation

Since 1982 TeleScreen has offered an exciting concept in pre-screen interviews and employee surveys, that remains the most accurate method to date.

Automated Applicant Screening

TeleScreen is the "Information Generation" of automated job applicant screening, employee satisfaction surveys (opinion surveys), training surveys and and exit interviews. Whether you want a customized interview for a specific job position, manager positions, anonymous opinion survey or a customer feedback survey, TeleScreen will tailor an interview to meet your specific needs.


Interviews may be taken either by telephone or over the internet. TeleScreen’s service is available 24/7 every day of the year. Questions vary depending on what type of interview your company requires. Categories to choose from include Social Conformity, Previous Employment History, Attitudes Toward Previous Employers, Hospitality, Absenteeism, Theft, Policy Compliance, Customer Service, Swearing/Cursing in the workplace, General Attitudes and more. Interviews designed for manager candidates include additional categories to choose from, including job requirements and expectations of the position. For example, Management Style, Management Receptiveness to Direction, Company Compliance, Work Ethic and more.


  • TeleScreen provides a web based menu for managers to review Qualified applicants for their location and the surrounding area.
    • allows managers to "tag" applicants they are interviewing
    • allows managers to "tag" an applicant once they are hired.
    • allows applicant's file to be tagged when they leave the company.
  • Generate reports through web menu for managers
    • Log of Calls Report - by area, division, region, company
    • Qualified Applicants - by area, division, region, company
    • Roll up Reporting
  • Paperless Onboarding (new hire paperwork)
  • On-line application - applicant can attach resume or complete application on-line. - Sort applications by job position, city, state, area, region, etc.
  • Provide EEOC form with application.
  • Pre-qualify applicants for WOTC (work opportunity tax credit).
  • Provide I-9 form on-line.
  • Provide automated background check and communicate status and results of background check.
  • TeleScreen is configuarable
  • Track how applicants find out about job openings (, newspaper, radio).


TeleScreen’s customers have found it advantageous to ask a series of pre-screening questions prior to the actual interview. Pre-screening questions generally consist of 4-10 questions that are mandatory requirements that all applicants must meet to be able to work for a particular company. If an applicant does not meet one of these requirements, the automated interview will inform the applicant of the requirement and invite the applicant to re-apply once they meet this specific requirement. This saves companies a tremendous amount of time and money.

The Results

Once the interview is complete there are different ways to obtain the information from the automated interview. TeleScreen can e-mail the information (can be multiple e-mails), export certain pieces of information to other systems within your company or both. Everything is automated and interview results are available immediately following the completion of each interview.