Our Clients

Our product/service is purchased and used by companies from different industries. Below is a list of industries that TeleScreen provides its services to.

  • Retail
  • Casinos
  • Restaurants (Family Dining & Fast Food)
  • Manufacturing
  • Hotels/Motels
  • Transportation
  • Convenient Stores
  • Nursing Homes
  • Automotive
  • Home Improvement


"For the past 18 years it has been our privilege to work with TeleScreen in enhancing our selection process. Without question, their company, staff and procedures have become an integral part of our employment process with greatly improved results as the end product. We look forward to the future together."

-Robert W. Crumley, Senior Vice President of Personnel, Boddie-Noell Enterprises, Rocky Mount, NC - 335 Hardees

Hiring the right people from the start is the single best way to reduce employee turnover and since we implemented TeleScreen’s employee screening process, our company has seen nothing but great results. The program helps ensure prospective employees will fit well with the company and positive feedback abounds from General Managers to our Human Resource Department.

TeleScreen is user friendly and now with the Background checks integrated it has become part of the hiring process of every employee. I would recommend the program to any company that is experiencing a high turnover rate.

-Nicole Keating-Rodriguez, Wade Cary Enterprises

"We have been using Telescreen since 2009 for online job applications. Within the first year it helped drop our employee turnover 65% mostly by not allowing people we would never hire from getting a face to face interview with our managers and wasting our manager’s time. I was concerned that the number of applications would drop but instead the number skyrocketed. We rolled out Telescreen’s Onboarding last October to all of our locations and it pulls every new hire into our payroll system the next morning. I think the ability to take pictures of the new hires I-9 documents with the webcam is excellent. We also take a picture of the new hire with the webcam. The Telescreen program has saved us time and money."

-Guy Kirk, Director of Human Resources, Jack's Family Restaurants, Birmingham, AL - 129 Jack's

"TeleScreen has proven to be invaluable to Mountain Star LLC and our 26 restaurants. The pre-screening service has brought our in-store application process to the 21st century. Now we have electronic data captured and e-mailed directly to our management and support teams for easy reference and follow up. The process helps make our interviews more productive and employment selection a higher quality. I can no longer imagine not having TeleScreen as part of our team selection process."

-William Clark, Vice President of Operations, Mountain Star LLC, Hardee's Franchisee - 26 locations

"We have found that TeleScreen has provided us with a consistent platform to evaluate potential candidates. The screening process saves our management teams time, which indirectly saves us money. Money that previously was spent on unqualified candidates... is now spent on personnel that can directly benefit making our restaurants better."

-Michael Cato, Vice President, Operations OTAC, Inc. (22 locations)

"We started using TeleScreen 2 years ago as a way to help sift through applications to 'find the good ones'. TeleScreen allows us to spend our time interviewing only the type applicants we are interested in. Sometimes we decide to interview individuals that have not met the minimum criteria standards, but often find out in the interview they are not the right fit for us! It has enabled us to change the culture in our restaurants through the type of employees we hire. It's a great tool we will not go without."

-Kevin Hanusa, District Manager, Bower Management (3 restaurants)

"Westar Foods is in its second year of using Telescreen as part of its recruitment process. The results have been exceptional. The system is easy to use and we have had no issues with the system or the support team. Greg and his team are very responsive to all our requests for system and database changes. I wish all my vendors were as gracious and accommodating.

Our turnover continues to decrease; we are thrilled to say that our year-end turnover rate for 2011 was 115%! In addition to this, the caliber of employee continues to increase. As Westar continues to grow, the Telescreen system will continue to save our managers an enormous amount of time in staffing. The percentage of unqualified candidates that we no longer interview equals a tremendous savings in our cost to hire."

-Anita J. Román-Garcia - Human Resources Manager - Westar Foods, Inc. (28 locations)