TeleScreen™ Reduces Employment Turnover Rates and Hiring Expenses for Businesses in the Hospitality, Restaurant and Casino Industries

Athens, AL - Companies in the restaurant industry can reduce hourly employee turnover rates by 50% in their first year of using TeleScreen™, an automated pre-employment interviewing system. Using the TeleScreen™ system, the hospitality industry finds that pre-screening job applicants BEFORE the application process, eliminates approximately one-third of all job applicants who do not meet the minimum job requirements defined by the employer.

Since 1982, TeleScreen™ has provided an exciting concept in automated interviewing. It is designed to provide employers with as much insight and information as possible in assessing job applicants and current employees. TeleScreen is available 24/7 via the internet or touch-tone phone. The applicant answers a series of questions concerning previous employment history, past performance, ability to get along with others, hospitality, conscientiousness, honesty and theft, absenteeism, work ethic, company policy and general attitudes. By clicking "YES" or "NO" on the computer or pressing the "1" or "3" buttons on the telephone key pad, the applicant answers questions that are asked in a random order. A 5 second response time limit eliminates "response debate time". Interview questions comply with all federal and state employment laws. Applicants are only known by a number eliminating any bias potential. Interview results are available immediately following the completion of each interview, 24 hours a day, and 7 days per week. They are delivered by email, fax or both, depending on the company's requirements.

Restaurants and hotels use TeleScreen™ as the first step in their job application process. TeleScreen™ customizes each interview and presentation of the results to meet each company's specific needs. The hiring manager uses the results to determine if an applicant should continue in the selection process. "Based on our customers use of criteria specific to the hospitality industry, we find that nearly 33% of applicants do not meet the minimum hiring criteria established by the hospitality industry. By using TeleScreen pre-screen interviews, hiring managers can concentrate on interviewing and selecting only the best qualified job applicants", says Greg Lambert, President, TeleScreen™. "Our customers are no longer spending valuable time talking to unqualified applicants".

TeleScreen™ is the oldest and most reliable company for providing pre-employment interviews, employee surveys, opinion surveys and employee exit interviews using touch-tone telephone and computer technology. It services 1000's of business locations nationwide.