Quickly Identify the Most Qualified Candidates

In today's economy, hiring the right people and retaining them is more important than ever. It pays to be selective. Take advantage of TeleScreen's selection technology and see the difference in retention and quality of staff. TeleScreen pre-screen interviews (manager & hourly) are available 24/7 via the web or touch-tone phone.

When a job applicant applies with your company, you simply give them a Career card. The Career card provides step by step instructions on how to take the interview, including a toll free number, your location number and how to answer each question. The interview takes 10-12 minutes to complete. Results are e-mailed (24/7), immediately following the completion of each interview. Pre-screen Interviews are available in English, Spanish and any other language your company may require.

Reduce hiring liabilities by identifying applicants you do not want in your store/location. With TeleScreen, your hiring managers can direct the process from application to job offer while spending far less time than previously needed. Hiring managers save time by only talking to applicants who meet your minimum criteria. Do not accept high turnover as "just part of the cost of doing business."

Is your staff overwhelmed by so many applicants that you can't manage the flow with the resources you have available and identify your most qualified candidates in a reasonable amount of time?

Stop investing precious staff time on unqualified applicants. TeleScreen's pre-employment screening process can save you time and money by quickly identifying qualified applicants.

Recruiting Solutions

  • Applicants take TeleScreen pre-screen interview as the first step in selection process
  • Qualified applicants are at your fingertips 24/7.