Five Ways of Keeping Better Informed

TeleScreen is designed to provide employers with as much insight and information as possible in assessing job applicants, as well as maintaining a highly reliable information program with present and departing employees.

Administer via the web or touch-tone telephone, TeleScreen pre-screen interviews/surveys are available 24/7 every day of the year. Are you tired of hiring someone and spending valuable time and resources to train the individual, only to have him or her terminate within 30 days? TeleScreen can assist you in reducing turnover and hiring liabilities.

Job Applicants

Interview questions cover employment history, job performance, work ethics, absenteeism, theft, social conformity, drug usage, hospitality, swearing/cursing in the workplace, attitudes toward previous employers, customer service and general attitudes.

Present Employees

Employee interview questions cover job satisfaction, grievances, expectations, on-the-job performance, direct knowledge of fellow employee violations, awareness of theft or drug usage on the premises (by self or others), and attitudes toward management.

Departing Employees

Exit interview questions cover reason for departure, exiting attitudes, quality of life while employed, return of company property, training and opinion of company and supervisors.

Employee Opinion Surveys

Find out how your employees really feel about your company’s policies, management, supervisors, training, work hours, wages, quality of life, benefits, etc. Ability to print customized reports the same day the last survey is taken. Have the information in time to make decisions that your company will benefit from instead of receiving the results of your survey when the data is “outdated”.


TeleScreen can customize a survey for your training department. Find out if your manager trainees received adequate training, are prepared to lead team members and manage your business. We also have programs to track data and print information from any group of interviews by district, region or company. TeleScreen can monitor and track how a manager is progressing in your company’s training program.

No matter what type of interview or survey your company may need, TeleScreen provides the information to your company fast and accurately, every time.