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Identify the Most Qualified Candidates

Identify the Most Qualified Candidates

In today's economy, hiring the right people and retaining them is more important than ever. It pays to be selective.

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Keeping Better Informed

Keeping Better Informed

Designed to provide employers with as much insight and information as possible in assessing job applicants.

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TeleScreen has been dedicated for over 35 years to providing the best customer service to our clients. TeleScreen will continue to strive to offer and provide the absolute best customer service in the industry. What some companies call “customized features”, TeleScreen calls them, “value added services”. TeleScreen will continue to deliver more for less. Why pay more? TeleScreen’s customer service is available seven days a week.


Since 1983 TeleScreen has provided an automated solution to assist employers with the selection process. As technology has grown, so has TeleScreen. Today, TeleScreen provides customized pre-screening, a user friendly ATS, paperless Onboarding, WOTC and E-Verify. TeleScreen provides automated Background integration. TeleScreen sends whatever daily export our customers need, in whatever format they may require. TeleScreen is configurable to meet any company’s needs/requirements.

Future Goals

TeleScreen’s goal is to remain the most innovative provider of customized pre-screen assessments, the most user friendly Onboarding and ATS, in the industry. Our main goal is to continue to assist hiring managers with a quick and easy process from application to hire, while maintaining the highest level of employee retention. Benefits are reduction in turnover, better quality of life at work and increase in bottom line.

What We Offer

Since 1983 TeleScreen has offered an exciting concept in pre-screen interviews and employee surveys, that remains the most accurate method to date.

Automated Applicant Screening

TeleScreen is the "Information Generation" of automated job applicant screening, employee satisfaction surveys (opinion surveys), training surveys and and exit interviews. Whether you want a customized interview for a specific job position, manager positions, anonymous opinion survey or a customer feedback survey, TeleScreen will tailor an interview to meet your specific needs.


Applicants may apply online or by smart phone. TeleScreen is mobile friendly. TeleScreen’s service is available 24/7, 365 days a year. TeleScreen customizes all customer websites. TeleScreen customizes pre-screen questions regarding absolute qualifications/requirements of the job/position and expectations of the job/position. TeleScreen also customizes assessments by hourly positions, manager positions and industry specific questions.

Save hiring managers valuable time by NOT talking to applicants who choose NOT to apply with your company, once they hear the job requirements and expectations of the job.


TeleScreen’s customers have found it advantageous to ask a series of pre-screening questions prior to the actual interview. Pre-screening questions generally consist of 4-10 questions that are mandatory requirements that all applicants must meet to be able to work for a particular company. If an applicant does not meet one of these requirements, the automated interview will inform the applicant of the requirement and invite the applicant to re-apply once they meet this specific requirement. This saves companies a tremendous amount of time and money.

The Results

Once an applicant completes the automated application process, TeleScreen sends the candidate’s application and information to the location/hiring manager, where they applied. TeleScreen provides auto generated emails and text to candidates, based on where they are in the selection process. Hiring managers have access to all candidates 24/7, from any computer. Onboarding, E-Verify, WOTC and Backgrounds, are all completed on the same screen.

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